Montabert S.A.S. is a leader in hydraulic demolition and drilling equipment for use in demolition, construction and more. We are known worldwide for the design, production and distribution of rock drill products and rock breakers and have manufacturing facilities in Saint-Priest (Lyon), France. 

We are proud of the generations of men and women who helped to build this great company. We know that our history is the foundation of our future.


Joannes Montabert founds Montabert S.A. in Lyon, France, as a manufacturer of pneumatic equipment.


Suzanne Montabert leads an expansion of the product line and adds the Joy-Sullivan line of products.


Roger Montabert, managing director, initiates new product engineering through the creation of a Research and Development Department.


Pioneers the first ever handheld jackhammer powered by hydraulics. The transition from pneumatic to hydraulics led to more advancements in the hydraulics industry.


Introduces the first hydraulic rock breaker, BRH500, that could be attached to an excavator, beginning a successful hydraulic rock breaker product line. The hydraulic rock breaker became available worldwide.


Launches the world's first hydraulic out-of-the-hole drifter.


Develops a custom tunneling solution, using multiple booms on multiple drilling rocks, which allows simultaneous rock breaking in a semi-circular pattern.


Introduces the first variable breaker. The full variable breaker product line now includes eight models, which are the only 15-speed breakers in the world.


Introduces the BRV 65 model.


Introduces the SC (Silver Clip) range of light breakers for compact carriers.


Launches the Blue Line/N-Series, a value-based rock breaker line for lighter duty applications.


Launches the CPA 295 Rock Drill Attachment.