Hydraulic Rock Breakers

Built with unique advanced technology, Montabert Hydraulic patented designs offer rock breakers of high quality, high productivity and a unbeatable robustness.


SC Range - Blue Line Range - Medium & Heavy Range

A hydraulic rock breaker is a powerful percussion hammer fitted to an excavator used in demolition, construction and quarrying. It works on the principles of hydraulics as discovered by Blaise Pascal, which states that putting pressure on one part of a fluid transfers pressure to all areas of the fluid, allowing a multiplication of force.

By using the principles of hydraulics, our hammers can multiply the amount of work they do exponentially. Just as a 10-inch hydraulic jack can lift a two-ton car, a hydraulic hammer can exert thousands of kilograms of pressure from a small canister of pressurized hydraulic oil.



All Montabert rock-breakers utilize solely 100% oil pressure for the creation of piston energy.

A sealed rubber diaphragm accumulator combined with the pressure regulator which continually adjust a constant percussion pressure independently from delivered flow but also prevent the rubber diaphragm from impacting the accumulator flange.

The energy recovery valve, allows a real recovery of piston rebound energy (up to 30 %) by recycling a certain quantity of oil directly into the accumulator.



Montabert is also well known to be the leader in the variable stroke change technology.

  • All models from the V series adapt automatically the impact energy to the material resistance
  • For each blow a sensor checks the rebound of the piston.

All of these features are part of our new tool-guiding known as TPS (tool protection system) which increase the tool retainer life span, increase the upper and lower bushing life span allow Montabert rock breakers to offer higher reliability, higher availability and higher performances.