The new SD series – a full product line made for all kinds of compact carriers – consists of eight models, weighing from 60 to 500 kg for 0.7 to 12 tons machines. The SD range is very tolerant to back pressure, and features a smart hydraulic distribution which keeps maximized energy per blow. In addition, these breakers are compatible with all quick couplers and meet all adaptation requirements for your carrier. For every compact carrier in the market, with any configuration, there will always be at least one SD breaker.

SD6 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

  • 0.7t–1,2 t carrier weight range
  • 73 kg breaker operating weight
  • 12–23 l/min oil flow range

SD8 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

  • 1–1.7 t carrier weight range
  • 112 kg breaker operating weight
  • 15–30 l/min oil flow range

SD12 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

  • 1.2–2.2 t carrier weight range
  • 133 kg breaker operating weight
  • 17–35 l/min oil flow range

SD16 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

  • 1.5–3.7 t carrier weight range
  • 194 kg breaker operating weight
  • 25–50 l/min oil flow range

SD22 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

  • 2.2–5.3 t carrier weight range
  • 286 kg breaker operating weight
  • 30–65 l/min oil flow range

SD28 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

  • 3–7.5 t carrier weight range
  • 318 kg breaker operating weight
  • 40–75 l/min oil flow range

SD36 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

  • 4–10 t carrier weight range
  • 396 kg breaker operating weight
  • 55–100 l/min oil flow range

SD42 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

  • 5–12 t carrier weight range
  • 456 kg breaker operating weight
  • 70–120 l/min oil flow range