V45 main


V45 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

  • Automatic frequency adjustment: up to 12 different speeds based on ground hardness
  • Exclusive tool protection patented system, significantly improving tool lifespan
  • Greasing solutions ensure that breakers always get an optimal grease supply

The V45 hydraulic rock breaker is known for the following features:

  • Blank firing protection
  • Secured hydraulic connections
  • Innovative energy recovery system
  • Minimal hydraulic maintenance
  • Automatic frequency adjustment system
  • Fully dampened and sound proofed multipurpose housing
  • Optimal greasing systems
  • Patented tool protection system
  • Operator friendly
Carrier weight range (min–max) 27–40 t
Breaker operating weight 2,547 kg
Oil flow range (min–max) 180–265 l/min.
Frequency 510–1,160 bpm
Operating pressure (max.) 165 bar
Tool diameter 150 mm
Working frequencies 15 (automatic)
Automated greasing Standard

The V45 works with the following complementary tools, allowing you to handle any jobsite:

  • Blunt
  • Chisel
  • Moil Point

The following upgrades are available for the V45:

  • Fixing cap
  • Hoses kit
  • Special color and painting