Baril_180 main

Greasing and greasing components


  • Total protection from friction, wear, and scuffing, thanks to exceptional film strength and metal affinity
  • Full protection from wear and seizing
  • Thermal stress reduction, thanks to its improved heat transfer capacity
  • Strong barrier against the entry of abrasive or aggressive polluting element
  • Optimizes lubrication efficiency and significantly reduces lubricant's over-consumption and relevant costs

Montabert BreakerLub, a unique lubricant, is an exclusive and original part of your breaker–as important as all the other high-tech components on your system.

Montabert BreakerLub is the result of intense co-operation between the Engineering departments of Montabert and Anderol Italia-Meyer high-tech Lubrication Systems - two well-known worldwide specialists in advanced technology.

BreakerLub is totally different from any other breaker grease or oil:

  • It is based on synthetic components, specially selected for their "polar" attraction characteristics which enhances lubricity, metal affinity and lubricating film strength, even in the most adverse operating conditions.
  • The specific additive package and the solid lubricants are carefully selected to obtain top protection of all vital parts.
  • Its exclusive texture and consistency have been defined to fully exploit the technology of the Montabert-designed lubrication system.
  • Its physical characteristics perfectly match the Montabert lubricant supply systems (on-board Greasing Systems and Beka). 


 Drum  Pails  Cartridges
 Baril_180 small
 180 kg
  Bidon_24 small
 24 kg
Seau_5 small
 5 kg
 easy lub small
 400 cc
cartuccia 400b small
450 cc


 On-board greasing station
 Centrale de graissage small  Drum - 180 kg 
 Pails - 24 kg
 Pails - 5 kg
 Easylub small  Cartridges - 400 cc
 pompe graisse pneu small  Cartridges - 450 cc