M900 Hydraulic Rock Breaker

  • High performance and absolute reliability
  • Extreme agility
  • Noise reduction
  • Perfect fit for wheeled excavators

The M900 is known for the following features:

  • Increased productivity and lower costs due to higher energy per blow and higher blow frequency
  • Greater maneuverability for more precise work
  • Upper and lower suspension system absorbs vibrations and stress waves
  • Ideal for demolition projects and road jobs
  • Unrivalled manufacturing quality
   900  M900
 Carrier weight range (min–max)  15–25 t  15–25 t
 Breaker operating weight  1,120 kg  1190 kg
 Oil flow range (min–max)  100–150 l/min.  100–150 l/min.
 Frequency  800 bpm  800 bpm
 Operating pressure (max)  125 bar  125 bar
 Tool diameter  118 mm  118 mm
 Working frequencies  1  1
 Automated greasing  Option  Option

The M900 works with the following complementary tools, allowing you to handle any jobsite:

  • Moil Point
  • Blunt
  • Chisel

The following upgrades are available for the M900:

  • Air pressurization kit for underwater applications
  • Onboard greasing station (cartridges)
  • Extra soundproofed housing (M900)