HC109 RP


HC109 Hydraulic Drifter

  • Piston design can be adapted to ground typology and/or hydraulic oil supply
  • Choice from a wide selection of front head material and shapes
  • Wide rotation torque and rpm setup range
  • Mechanical or hydraulic reverse percussion
  • Wide range of applications: from long holes in quarries to underground face drilling and from soft to hard rock drilling
  • Stainless steel front head available for corrosive environments
  • Strong reputation for high reliability and long lifespan
  • 35 years of continuous research, development and improvements
  • Ready for surface and underground drilling
  • Suitable for both factory new and existing machines

Weight and dimensions

Weight 170 kg
Overall length without shank 1,072–1,270 mm
Overall length with shank 1,274–1,420 mm
Overall width 320 mm
Height 200 mm
Height above shank axis 78 mm

Impact rating

Maximum output 17–19 kW
Percussion flow range (max) 120–135 l/min
Percussion pressure range (max) 135–155 bar
Maximum impact frequency 2,200–3,500 bpm
Maximum impact energy 300–350 J

Rotation specs

31 cc 43 cc 55 cc 67 cc
Maximum rotation speed (RPM) 225 220 175 145
Oil flow (l/min) 45 60 60 60 
Maximum pressure (bar) 140 140 140 140
Maximum torque (Nm) 430 580 730 880 

Flushing flow and pressure

Water flushing 100 l/min
Front end lubricating air consumption at 3bar 300 l/min

  • Shank adapters
  • Overhaul kits