HC28 Main


HC28 Hydraulic Drifter

  • Easy maintenance with long intervals and maintenance kits available
  • Simple fixing plate and low installation cost
  • High input/output efficiency ratio, for reduced and optimized energy consumption
  • Inline rotation patented system with no gear box and high torque
  • No tie rods; single body drifter prevents seizing and breakage issues
  • Reinforced front bushing for better life span
  • Uses integral steel or standard rods
  • Suitable for air or water flushing
  • Innovative design
  • Versatile and flexible
  • Light and powerful

Weight and dimensions

 Weight  103 kg
 Overall length without shank  785 mm
 Overall length with shank  913 mm
 Overall width  226 mm
 Height  200 mm
 Height above shank axis  86 mm

Impact rating

 Maximum output  6–9.8 kW
 Percussion flow range (max)  68 l/min.
 Percussion pressure range (max)  160 bar
 Maximum impact frequency (max)  3,200 bpm
 Maximum impact energy (max)  160 J

Rotation specs

 Maximum rotation speed (RPM)  300
 Oil flow (l/min)  48
 Maximum pressure (bar)  210
 Maximum torque (Nm)  480

Flushing flow and pressure

 Water flushing  30–60 l/min
 Front end lubricating air consumption at 3 bar  300 l/min

  • Shank adapters
  • Overhaul kits