HC112 Hydraulic Drifter

  • Compact and agile design allows easy assembly on feed
  • Universal connections to minimize hydraulic and mechanical adaptations
  • No tie rods; single body drifter prevents seizing and breakage issues
  • Hydraulic reverse percussion improves rod and bit lifespan
  • Easy maintenance with long intervals and maintenance kits available
  • High torque rotation allowing up to GT60 diameter
  • Long hole drilling for both surface and underground drilling
  • Upgraded energy per blow for increased penetration rate
  • Optimized for long hole drilling
  • High efficiency ratio
  • Single body drifter without tie rods

Weight and dimensions

Weight 248 kg
Overall length without shank 1,272–1,316 mm
Overall length with shank 1,422–1,466 mm
Overall width 332 mm
Height 200.5 mm
Height above shank axis 107.5 mm

Impact rating

Maximum output 26–30 kW
Percussion flow range (max) 172 l/min
Percussion pressure range (max) 190 bar
Maximum impact frequency 2,800 bpm
Maximum impact energy 560 J

Rotation specs

160 cc 200 cc
Maximum rotation speed (RPM) 169 135
Oil flow (l/min) 75 75
Maximum pressure (bar) 210 210
Maximum torque (Nm) 1340 1680

Flushing flow and pressure

Water flushing 90–130 l/min
Front end lubricating air consumption at 3bar 250–300 l/min

  • Shank adapters
  • Overhaul kits