Micro CPA 360 main


Micro CPA 360 Drilling Attachment

  • Attachments are easy to install and remove
  • Simple to use
  • Wide field of application
  • Long reach possibilities
  • More flexible than a drill rig
  • Improve percent of use of the excavator
  • Enable management of complex activities on site (excavation, anchorage, bolting or blasting)
  • Reduce reliance on others
  • Possibility to expand the company’s activities
  • Can be used for roof drilling (360°)

The Micro CPA 360 drilling attachment includes the following features:

Micro CPA 360

 Montabert drifter  HC20
 Hole diameter  26–51 mm
 Feed length  4,746 mm
 Hole length (max)  6–9 m
 Type of rod  Hex 22/25–R32
 Rod changer (optional)  No
 Feed swing  +/- 180º
 Air requirement  2,000–3,500 l/mm
 Dust collector  Pneumatic
 CPA weight  780
 Carrier weight  10–14 T
 Hydraulic requirement  60–95 l/mm
 165 bar
 Optional CE protection  No

CE protection options 

Other upgrade options:

  • Rod carousel x5
  • Quick attach